Looking forward to 2015…

So I am looking at my blog today.  I’ve got to be honest with myself.  I didn’t write nearly as much as I had planned.  That’s not good.  But, I did write and when I did… well, I think it’s good stuff.

Lots of things happened this year in my life, personally and professionally.  There were some great highs and some great lows also — and I’d like to believe that I’m a better person today for having participated in my life for the past 363 ish days.

I’ve put the thought into my “one little word” for 2015 — thanks Jeri!  And I have it.  I’ve actually had it for a few days now.  Other than myself, well only my husband and Jeri know my one little word for 2015.  But let me tell you this… I am so so so excited about it.  For everything that is means and eHappy New Year 2015. 3dverything that it can mean for me in the coming year.

So for the next three days… I’ve decided to be more intentional (that was my 2014 word) and get involved with my blog.  Start building the habit of writing, and caring my one little word from 2014 with me into 2015.

Overall… I believe that I was very much with my word this year.  I see intention in most of my actions.  I felt more guided to where I am headed and really embracing what the past year has been for all of the ups and downs.

Right now… well right now I am going to set the alarms for the next 52 weeks.  I’ll be blogging, once a week — getting it done.

Stay tuned for 2015 and my “One Little Word…”

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1 Response to Looking forward to 2015…

  1. Stunkard says:

    hehe…I know your word, and oh my gosh, it’s huge!

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