It’s hard to believe today is March 1st. Today we start Women’s History Month.  I really didn’t even know we had such a thing until just yesterday.  So I think about the amazing women in history and ponder how they’ve contributed collectively to HERstory.

For the next 31 days, on 5280 Women, a Facebook page I manage with some amazing women, we’ll be looking at the women who have influenced our story.


Women and possibility.  

Without these women, where would our story be?  They have challenged the status quo, they’ve demonstrated their grit, their grace, their intelligence, and their sheer will power all in the name of possibility for women.  These women gave us the right to vote, they’ve given women of color the ability to sit wherever she wants on public transportation. They’ve given us the possibility to carry our own credit cards.

These women.

Have paved the way for us to go to space, to work for NASA, to run for president.  They’ve given rise to our power in the courtroom, entrepreneurship, the ability to find happiness and success as moms and career women.

These women.

Remember this month to thank a woman for helping you believe in what is possible!

My gift for the amazing women in my tribe, and with the thanks to Devon Bawlit…

The Power of

She was warned, she was given an explanation,
yet she persisted.

She chews each stone twenty times twenty,
and when her own teeth fail,

borrows more. She claws her way up
the sides of the pit,

and when they raise the walls, reaches
for the next handhold,

leaving fingernails and skin. Tell her
she is too much,

tell her to go home, tell her that her efforts
impress no one.

She might sob, but she will laugh with the same

Her laughter might be bitter, but persisting,
it will suffice.

We decide what IS possible.

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I found Possibility in Target…

Oh how I love Target. Target-Logo

Like really LOVE it. 

There is seldom a time when shopping I manage to make it out for less than $300.00.  I am sure there is a brilliant marketing strategy in there somewhere.  But, I digress.

I was at my local Target last week to pick up my contact lenses scope out the clearance rack, buy some bronzer and of course new cosmetic brushes…  They’re A-mazing!  On my way out, I usually consider stopping  at the Starbucks there, I typically don’t, it doesn’t feel “real” to me.  So I’d rather hit the drive through across the street.makeup-brushes

But this day… I did.  

And… I don’t know why, but I also felt the push to buy the coffee for the customer behind me, you know the pay it forward thing? So this little coffee… a tall London Fog to be exact, which is really tea… nearly brought the recipient to tears.  You see, she told me she’s an HR administrator and just spent the day working on severance packages for employees being let go from their job.

What an im-Possibly hard day! Starbucks

I honestly can’t imagine having to do be the person orchestrating severance packages knowing the effect it would have on someone having an otherwise good day.

So what does this have to do with possibility?  

Well, the way I see it… we have a choice, every. single. day.  The choice to realize our actions carry infinite possibility, both good and bad. Sometimes we can use our actions to the benefit of others with the possibility of being a day saver or life changer.  We can choose actions resulting in the possibility of damage, hurt, or heartache. When we get the choice… I hope we choose the possibility of making someone smile.

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There Is Going To Be One…

So there is going to be one.  

Of those days.

You know the kind.

The type that drop you to your knees and leave you questioning absolutely EVERYTHING.  Maybe it’s something that happened with your partner, or your child, or a friend… or a coworker.  Maybe it’s something you’re just facing that you’re just facing.  Maybe it’s work… or health.

The truth is, it’s unavoidable.  

We have those moments, days, weeks, I hope they’re not months or years, but… if it is, I hope you find your way in to possibility.

In. Those. Moments.

Baby Sloth

Always look up for possibility…

I recently had one. Like days ago recently.  And in the moment, I went from zero to sixty in less than 2.5 seconds.  I went from being a the top of my game to the very bottom, questioning every single choice. I emailed my coach letting her know that not only was “the honeymoon over” in my new business and I was knee deep in perturbation, but I wondered how I’d ever get through a few really tough hours.

And somehow… I did. 

It wasn’t easy.  Nor was it fun.  But, pain, struggle, and even failure give rise the the opportunity to be better.  The opportunity to be better is possibility, plain and simple.

When next you have that moment, remember when you are back flat on the ground, or feel like you’re just hanging by a thread… all you need to do is open your eyes, look up and find the possibility.




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Believe Anything Is…

If you believe anything is…  it will be.  Is it impossible?  If you believe it is, it will be.  Is it improbable?  If you believe it is, it will be.  Is it unlikely, if you believe it is… it will be.


What happens when you believe that anything is possible?

This week I had lunch with Darius.  I’ve known him for a few years now. We met while I was mentoring with Colorado Youth at Risk, oh 2012, maybe 2013. He was in the first cohort that I participated in.  What struck me about this young man… his kindness, humility, desire to work, and drive to see possibility.  We stayed connected through his high school career.  As a senior, he reached out to me after being recruited by BHSU (Black Hills State University) to play football.  Darius very much wanted to visit the campus to see if BHSU was a good fit, but lacked the necessary resources to make the trip happen.

We went to work.IMG_3708

Using our connections, we were able to secure his flight on a friend’s airline miles.  Another dear friend put pocket money in his hands. I also had a girlfriend that I graduated with that made Rapid City home, so he had a just in case mom no more than twenty minutes away.

Believing in what is possible, Darius made the trip. He graduated this December with a degree in sports journalism.  Because he dare to dream about what is possible. I’ve loved our lunches when he’s been home on break, keeping up with what he’s up to, and being able to witness the relentless pursuit of possibility.

What is possible? Whatever we decide is possible.  The Mktg Dept is three months old this month… because someone (me) dared to consider possibility. 

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Starting Over…

There is just something about a new day, a new week, month, or year that just causes your heart to beat an extra beat, to feel perhaps a bit more hopeful than you were the day before.

Today, I am starting over.  

Last year my OLW (One Little Word) was Consistency.

I blew it. At least from a blogging perspective.  Like all things, the year starts with new hope and expectations. We make resolutions to lose ten pounds, to go to the gym more, to be kinder, to change jobs, change directions.  There is always so much to look forward to.

Then. Possibility Everywhere

We find ourselves three days in, three weeks in, three months in and something has changed.  Our hope and excitement has left and then we get in to the everyday routine of life, missing the excitement we had.

I am forgiving myself.  

There is no beating myself up for things that I have or have not done.  There is no shaming myself, nor anyone else for that matter.


As it turns out, we have endless supplies of possibility. Feel safe in knowing that we get another chance, and then another, and then another yet should we need it.  Feel free to take all of the possibility you need, because there is more!

2019 was good to me. 2019 was great!  I saw possibility and started my new business.  I saw possibility and saw my doctor and started making new strides in losing weight, getting healthier, and I saw real possibility in my ability to help lift women in the pursuit of dreams, intentions, and plans.  2019 was a gift. 

So, this.

January 2020, The Mktg Dept. is three months old.  We are self-sustaining, I am going on my own payroll on the 15th and I’ve even hired a part time assistant to give me ten hours a week of support in growing my business.

Possibility is everywhere.  

On September 10, 2019, if you had asked what’s possible, I don’t know honestly that I would have had a good answer for that.  Today, I do.

Everything is possible. 

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It’s a work in progress. I am a work in progress. There is only one way to get there and that’s by starting right now.  I made a date with myself to blog once a week. And I realize it’s so much about accepting that life is a made of  a series of successes and failures carefully woven in to consistent effort.

I missed my date with myself and my blog yesterday.  Rather than waiting until next Sunday, my normal date day, I chose NOW to get back to it.  Consistency is so much more than arriving at perfection, it is the progress the journey will take me on.  Of course, this seems to be an enormous cliché, yet, true and truer, every day.now

So it goes.

We’re given the choice every day.



Today, I choose the former. Realize starting now is the best time to pursue steadfast actions, one upon another eyes aware of the destination, but not losing sight of the steps along the way.

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OLW… 2019

It’s a darn good thing punctuality isn’t my OLW.  I’m late in launching my OLW and it does an amazing job of why this OLW for 2019 is spot on.  Consistency.  It’s a struggle, and a large one in my life.

I am heading in to 2019 having had one of the best year’s in my life in 2018.

For a million reasons. 

My career has been one of my largest areas of growth.  The work I’ve done in getting diet and exercise in to motion.  There are things I’ve done with such consistency that results were all but guaranteed.  Of course there are also things with additional consistency could have been all the better. consistency-quote

Consistency in my career is going to continue to be a priority in 2019.  It will allow me to continue the success I’ve been working to and more.  Consistency will also help me be a stronger team player in my office and give me the opportunity to really lead by example.

In my diet and exercise.  I started working on this in August, and really strictly from a place of vanity.  Nominated for the Apartment Association of Metro Denver’s Grand Tribute Jack Shapiro Award, I wanted to know that should I win, I’d be happy with the woman I was putting on stage. I was able to lose about 40 pounds from the time I started to award night, an additional twenty-five pounds since.  Consistency in how I eat and approach food, consistent accountability to my doctor created the space required to make the change.  Of course I struggled and was super inconsistent with my exercise in this period.  I know it’s really the missing piece to keep building on my success and be ready to participate in the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, October 2019.

My Soul… I am no where close to consistency in caring for my soul, evidenced by my sporadic participation in my blog. I am setting an appointment in my calendar to once a week blog, even if all I say is I don’t have anything to report for the week.

Relationships and family. Finding consistent habits and ways of being will only help strengthen my relationship with my husband who is my biggest source of support, my son, who is a great human. My consistency will help him in his pursuit of consistency.

So here’s to 2019, to new opportunity, and to choosing consistency.

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