It’s a work in progress. I am a work in progress. There is only one way to get there and that’s by starting right now.  I made a date with myself to blog once a week. And I realize it’s so much about accepting that life is a made of  a series of successes and failures carefully woven in to consistent effort.

I missed my date with myself and my blog yesterday.  Rather than waiting until next Sunday, my normal date day, I chose NOW to get back to it.  Consistency is so much more than arriving at perfection, it is the progress the journey will take me on.  Of course, this seems to be an enormous cliché, yet, true and truer, every

So it goes.

We’re given the choice every day.



Today, I choose the former. Realize starting now is the best time to pursue steadfast actions, one upon another eyes aware of the destination, but not losing sight of the steps along the way.

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OLW… 2019

It’s a darn good thing punctuality isn’t my OLW.  I’m late in launching my OLW and it does an amazing job of why this OLW for 2019 is spot on.  Consistency.  It’s a struggle, and a large one in my life.

I am heading in to 2019 having had one of the best year’s in my life in 2018.

For a million reasons. 

My career has been one of my largest areas of growth.  The work I’ve done in getting diet and exercise in to motion.  There are things I’ve done with such consistency that results were all but guaranteed.  Of course there are also things with additional consistency could have been all the better. consistency-quote

Consistency in my career is going to continue to be a priority in 2019.  It will allow me to continue the success I’ve been working to and more.  Consistency will also help me be a stronger team player in my office and give me the opportunity to really lead by example.

In my diet and exercise.  I started working on this in August, and really strictly from a place of vanity.  Nominated for the Apartment Association of Metro Denver’s Grand Tribute Jack Shapiro Award, I wanted to know that should I win, I’d be happy with the woman I was putting on stage. I was able to lose about 40 pounds from the time I started to award night, an additional twenty-five pounds since.  Consistency in how I eat and approach food, consistent accountability to my doctor created the space required to make the change.  Of course I struggled and was super inconsistent with my exercise in this period.  I know it’s really the missing piece to keep building on my success and be ready to participate in the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, October 2019.

My Soul… I am no where close to consistency in caring for my soul, evidenced by my sporadic participation in my blog. I am setting an appointment in my calendar to once a week blog, even if all I say is I don’t have anything to report for the week.

Relationships and family. Finding consistent habits and ways of being will only help strengthen my relationship with my husband who is my biggest source of support, my son, who is a great human. My consistency will help him in his pursuit of consistency.

So here’s to 2019, to new opportunity, and to choosing consistency.

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Where Does It Go???

Today is the Winter Solstice.  The shortest day of the year, the longest night of the year.  I look back and see I have written nothing since August.  It’s been a busy summer, a busy fall and a busy winter too…

But I wonder….

Where did the time go? How did I spend the time that I wasn’t checking in and sharing my thoughts?

Well… let’s have a look. 

September, Labor Day Weekend specifically, Eric and I travelled to Phoenix, AZ to visit his Uncle Norm.  Norm’s wife Karen was diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer and it’s important to be there for the family.  I attended my first board retreat for my position on the Apartment Association Board, super insightful, and I’m looking forward to continuing to be an active part of the industry in which I work.  We also travelled to San Diego to be present at Leo’s graduation from USMC basic training… OoohRah! I also had my interview as a finalist for the AAMD Tributes Grand Award named for Jack Shapiro, and industry giant and person to model your being after.  I got serious about my diet…. mostly because if I win the Jack Shapiro Award, I want to be confident in how I look going on stage to accept this award.

Vanity.  It certainly is a comes the sun-700x400

Then there’s October, and frankly… I’m just not sure what happened with October. In fact, I just looked at the calendar on my phone and Outlook and really couldn’t tell you what I did.  I attended a Chili Cook Off….but if I’m being honest the rest, well… I just can’t account for it.  Not in a dementia kind of way…in the being passive and unintentional kind of way.

November…. WOW! November!  

On November 9, 2018 I attended the Apartment Association Tributes Awards, and won.  I hadn’t prepared anything, really not expecting to win.  I am honored and humbled and grateful to be in a class of professionals I respect and admire. And my dress…. amazing.  Hair….amazing.

And truth. 

The highlight of the evening happened on my way to the elevator, a woman stopped me and my husband from closing the door to tell me that her children thought I looked beautiful.

I believe them.

We traveled to Phoenix for Thanksgiving.  Karen has opted to for-go treatment.  She wasn’t a strong surgical candidate, and has declined chemo and radiation.  She’s strong in her faith, and visibly more frail.  We were able to spend some time with she and Norm, having the uncomfortable but needed “What next?” conversations. We saw movies… Green Book is fantastic, go see it.  So is Ralph Breaks the Internet and Creed II.  All entertained me in some way….

I reached the $1,000,000.00 mark in my sales career on November 30th, surpassing my 2017 number of $866,199.00. certainly not easy, but so rewarding to reach something I once imagined impossible.

All of that brings me to today.  December 21st, the winter solstice. The shortest day of the year. Karen’s mother says hospice is thinking Karen has 4-5 days maybe left.  Such a small period of time. So we wait and prepare ourselves for necessary travel to support Norm, to support Karen’s family, and to start making the very hard decisions yet to come.

And then there’s tomorrow. 

The days will start getting longer, the sun will shine on us for a longer while, and the nights become shorter.  So today is necessary, if only that we’re able to recognize that the dark of today is always followed by the light of tomorrow.

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Sometimes time flies and you’re not having fun…Time Flies

Summer is winding down, the days are getting shorter.  Soon, we’ll leave from work to home and it will be dark outside.  The awareness of moments becomes all too real.

This summer was spent in work, in play, on vacation, busy days and not so busy days.

I’m more aware, perhaps more sensitive to the passage of time because I am getting older.  Eric and I celebrated his 50th birthday in Maui, enjoying one of the best vacations ever. Relaxing, exploring, having small little adventures and recharging our batteries. We also learned a close family member is in a battle with stage iv esophageal cancer, it sucks because time becomes so much more precious when you know there is less of it to be had.

Time flies.

I woke this morning to learn one of my sisters very best friends unexpectedly passed away yesterday.  There is nothing that takes that sting.  She was young, still a newly wed, a kind and gentle soul and good human too.  My sister, who is a fragile soul is struggling with time today.  Why now?

But time isn’t our own. 

Wether you believe in God, or Allah, or Buddha, or the Universe, or something all together different, or nothing at all, you learn time does not belong to you. We are travellers, all on our own road, all on the same road, our time is finite.

How do you use it?

So the question becomes… if we know our time is finite, we have no control of how much we have, or dont’ have; how do we choose to use it?

After my Facebook sabbatical, I am still amazed to see how much of our time is spent in disagreement, spent in anger, spent on idle and sometimes inane arguments.  We spend countless hours posting the greatness of our existence rather than just experiencing it just for the sake of doing so, and not to see how many ‘likes’ we can get.  Now, please do not misunderstand, this is not a soapbox rant, rather an experience with reality and my desire to spend my time in ways that are more meaningful.  I hope you will to.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
― Mother Teresa

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Breaking Up… Is Hard to Do.

On Friday, last week, I made the decision to break up with Facebook.  My reasoning is sound.  Social media has moved away from being “social” and has become breeding ground for dialog that is frankly, divisive, mean, anti-social and really creates space where being “right” is more important than being KIND.

But who knew… That breaking up…is hard to do? You see, I went to the Aurora Central Varsity Women’s Basketball game on Friday evening and I so wanted to “check-in” and “tag” the friends on my list that I was hanging out with.  But, breaking up is breaking up and no matter how “hard” it is, it’s called a break-up for a reason. (see paragraph I)Facebook pic

I made it through the weekend, my husband, I think was a little shocked that I had.  I was a little shocked that I had if I am telling the truth.  But I did it. 

Today… I realize not only do I use Facebook for the “social” aspects, but in my career in marketing, I also use the social media giant to connect with people I do business with.

What to do? What to do?

I have choices. 

I can reactivate my account, having lasted 72 hours.  I can login to the business account and connect with people I do business with there, though I am afraid it will cause the same net result.  I can Instagram, which I understand to be much less volatile…

I honestly believe staying away from FB is my best bet, more often than not, I see posts and commentary which more than anything leaves me with some sort of frustration or agitation and isn’t good for me.  It just isn’t.  Stay tuned….

Click Here To Learn How To Quit Facebook


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We Broke Up…

Today, I had a long over-due break-up.  The reason we broke up is really quite simple.  You see, the concept of “social media” has become anything but “social.”  We’ve suffered yet another school shooting, and in the face of this, there are ensuing arguments about gun control, AR15s, mental health, immigration, MS13, the liberal left and the wacko right.  Facebook, we can’t be together anymore. And, I’m not sorry either.


Selfie-Syndrome-negative-effect-social-mediaJust enough.  It is a shame that what should be a way to engage one and other in meaningful connected ways has become a hot spot for every flavor of negativity ever fathomed.  What happened to sharing what you had for dinner last night?

Social Media Damage

No More.

And it’s really a shame, because I love being connected to friends and family I may otherwise miss, and don’t forget the baby sloths.

But Maybe…

It’s for the best. Maybe social media is a part of the problem anyhow?  We’re spending time glued to a device, glued to a place that isn’t real and maybe that’s causing the insanity just as much as anything else.  And I think I am on to something and I think, just maybe… this time, I’m right.  So instead of spending my time on Facebook or tweeting (and God knows I can’t say anything in 140 characters anyway) or Pintresting… or anything else, I’ll get my “social media” on the good old fashioned way and connect with my friends and familyQuit Facebook 2 in more traditional methods, I’ll send thoughtful notes and note cards, I’ll send text messages and make phone calls.  I will work on the real connection.

The Human Connection.

Connection that matters and will have my friends and family knowing without a doubt they’re loved, thought of, and cared for.


I’ll find my way back to Facebook at some point, sometime.  Maybe, I won’t.  I simply know the perpetuating divisiveness of the social media platform no longer works for me. #nomore #banFacebook #beKindnotRight

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laziness-workSo I’ve started this year with a commitment to get real about my time.  And here is some sobering truth.  I can waste it.  And I do.   I love to start my morning with a quick Facebook check, see what exciting new memes are out there.  I love to take a few minutes to look at my thriving 401k.  I love to kill a few minutes petting Tod, my furry little puppy friend.  So the truth of the matter is that I am a champ at what might be considered frivolous wastes of my most valuable resource.  Of course, I can also argue the other side,  checking in with Facebook keeps me aware of important events in the circles of my friends.  Get well soon Phyllis.  Or… that it’s safe to unload the losing items in my portfolio because I’ve made gains sufficient to cover the loss. Or… when I am petting and snuggling Tod, I legitimately feel more relaxed my blood pressure decrease and my sense of wellness increase.

But don’t YOU dare…

Waste MY Time  Isn’t it funny?  Think about it, think about how you spend your time…and typically, I’d suggest we’re pretty gentle with ourselves and how we spend time and our critique of how we’re using this resource.  I don’t know too many that regularly berate themselves over a frivolous time expenditure.  But I know tons of people, and I am totally in the group that can go from zero to crazy when I feel someone is wasting my time.

Consider this.  How much time do I waste that doesn’t belong to me? Unnecessary interruptions to a co-worker (Sorry Jeri!!) Catching my husband when he just doesn’t have the time to give? Not giving clear directions to committee members or other people in my life.  Missing an appointment.  The list goes on. So much so that I recently found a website dedicated to the time that we waste:

I Waste So Much Time

Enjoy… and remember the time you waste may be your own.


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