Here we are…

The last day of 2014.  Where does the time go?

If you look back at the past oh say 365 days in your life, which are the days that brought you the most joy? The most sorrow?  Where are those areas in your life where you experienced growth?  Did you try something new?  Was there something that you really wanted to make happen this year that somehow you just didn’t make time for?

2014 was made of 365 days, which were made of 8,760 hours, which in turn were made of 525,600 minutes, which were built from 31,536,000 seconds.  All of that time.  I know there are areas in my life where I spent enough time, but I can also acknowledge that with all of this time there are some areas where I really lacked.  I spent about 7,488wound clock art,000 seconds working, earning a living so that my family has the benefit of housing, food, and all of our creature comforts.  I spent 10,512,000 sleeping — recharging my body so that I am capable of being a participant in my life.  I shared roughly 518,400 seconds of my life this year with Dominique in this great thing we have with Colorado Youth at Risk.  I’m really not sure how many seconds I’ve spent with my husband and son… we can count the sleeping  time I suppose, as we all live in the same home, and well at least 3,744,000 seconds if we count ONLY weekends…  But seriously, when you consider that there are 31,536,000 in a year, I feel like perhaps I could have done better. I have 9,273,600 seconds that are unaccounted for.  Did I spend that time wisely?

So now that my head is near explosion from all of the math I’ve just been subjected to — I wonder if we get the point.  We think that our time is infinite, that somehow we’ll always have more time to do more with.  The truth is we won’t.  On this last day of 2014 bidding farewell to “intention” my one little word for this year… I will be intentional about the time I am spending today, how I am spending it and why.  I hope you will too.  And… I won’t be saying goodbye really to “intention” I’ve enjoyed it too much — living with intent.

Looking forward to January 1, 2015 — and my new “One Little Word.”

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