A new idea…

I was thinking about my new OLW yesterday and I panicked!  Seriously panicked!  For 52 weeks how am I going to make the concept of adoption an intriguing read? How will I come up with something every week  people will engage with and wantGrinchHeart to read,  more importantly will want to interact with?

And then I thought… maybe that doesn’t have to happen. Seriously, how important is it that someone reads what I’ve “penned” and responds?  It’s great when that happens, don’t get me wrong.  But better than that…is when I respond to what I’ve penned.

This week my concept isn’t new to me, but it is one that I think would do the world at large BIG, BIG good.  Adopt the idea of being of service to someone else.  Maybe be of service to lots of someones.  Because we’re just leaving the holiday season it reminds me of the Grinch and what his poor life looked like before his heart was corrected to care for his fellow person and just how much he gained when his heart grew. If we could continue the story, beyond the roast beast and who pudding, what would the rest of his Grinch days have looked like?  How much more fulfilled would his life have become?  Would he have continued to live atop Mount Crumpett?  Somehow I don’t think so.

It’s often easier for us to have a heart to give in the holiday season, I’m not quite sure why that is, but I know it to be true — in my life as well.  So looking back on last year’s OLW of “Intention” let’s adopt the concept that living in kindness doesn’t and shouldn’t be an experience that we consider from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.

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