All You Have To Do Is Ask…

Sometimes I find myself disappointed in humanity.  Our way of “being” sometimes is so self-centered and well…self-centered.  I do a lot of volunteer type things.  I mentor with Colorado Youth at Risk, I’ve been pretty active in trying to lift my alma mater’s alumni association off the ground with some amazing cohorts. I guess it’s my wiring.  And I get it,  it’s not for everyone.  And I also get that sometimes MY judgements are because I haven’t taken enough steps.  If you want help, all you have to do is ask.

Here’s why I’ve come to this conclusion.  Aurora Central High School is a school in distress for lack of better word.  There are amazing things that happen there, though publicity would indicate otherwise.  But here are some truths about Aurora Central.  It’s location is not meticulously planned in the middle of middle-income America at least not any longer.  Aurora Central lies in North Aurora, where there is a fairly high population of people who work multiple and low-income jobs, simply to make ends meet, and often, those ends… well, they don’t meet.

75% of our student population is on free or reduced lunch. Most of our students are minority in status.  The truth, they are on an uphill journey to make it.  I think that drives my will to help.

Prom Sale 2015

My guest room is over run with dresses…and I LoVe it!

So the Junior Class is planning their prom.  And I think to my time there and the excitement of dresses, and accessories, and all of the fit and finish that young women dream of with prom. It’s “princess” night.  Imagine now,  you can’t participate in “princess” night.  Your family has to make a choice, a choice between rent and prom apparel.  Which wins?  If it were my choice to make, rent just won.

So I’ve taken another step and have decided hosting a low-cost prom sale at Aurora Central has the possibility to be a difference maker for the lives of young women. And so I’ve asked my fellow alum in our Facebook community as well as my Colorado Youth at Risk community if they had dresses to donate, their own, their daughters… And I’m touched. When I think about the response I’ve received for my simple request, I’m moved.  We’re in excess of 75 dresses with a week left to collect. Women I know, women I don’t… and it’s such an amazing gift.  So when you think people just don’t care, I’d encourage you to take one step more, I believe people naturally want to be of service to another, it’s our humanity.  All you have to do is ask.

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  1. This is so amazing! what a great thing you did—helping all those kids enjoy a great night. I believe there is good everywhere if you just look for it. Kudos!

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