I’m at War…

It’s January 22, 2017 and I am at war. 

I am at war with my OLW (One Little Word).  Grace.  The word that I thought best suit the direction I’d like my life to take this year. I don’t seem to show enough of it, not to my dog, to my coworkers, my family, to myself.

The changing of the guard and the election and inauguration of a new administration has made it all the more clear that my word choice is, On. The. Money.tupac

Over the past weekend my social media feed has been chock full of every sort of anger, every sort of concern as well as every sort of unkindness.  I thought perhaps I’d delete my account, and then I thought — well, I’ll shoot back word for word and deed for deed what I am seeing from my “friends.”  And then… there was always the choice cleaning house on my “friends” list and freely delete, hide, unfriend, block, and otherwise ignore those who, on either side of my political fence, are just being nasty.  And let me tell you about nasty, it can sound well-intentioned or even poetic, but, it doesn’t stop nasty from being just that.

This is where grace enters.  First blog:  Grace is giving me not what I deserve, but giving me what I don’t.  Forgiveness, kindness, patience, humility, love… friendship, partnership and more.

And this, is what it boils down to:

Ephesians 4:29

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. NIV

The grace I believe is present in my life, should also be present in yours.  There is no greater gift, at least that I can give in this moment, than graceGrace to those whom disagree with me, and grace to those who may agree ideologically, but have been every bit as guilty as the rest of us in espousing nastiness. I will continue to give myself grace, because while it may not end up on my latest blog or social media post, I’ve let my inside self conversation be filled with nastiness and unkind thoughts.

We live in a very difficult time, but, I do believe we’ll get through this too…what does it say of us if we choose not to?

My parting thought, who among us will be the first?  The first to show that we have more in common than we don’t?  That we all want security, prosperity, kindness and grace?  We can go on, and on, and on for the next four years assessing blame, harboring ill will and some of us may, but I wonder…

Ultimately, where, if we continue that path, will we arrive?

And so grace, I give to you.

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1 Response to I’m at War…

  1. codeinfig says:

    i would tolerate a lot more nastiness if there were more honesty (to self, not just others) along with it.

    the problem is that people put party before country. they put party before principle. they put party before honesty. none of us (right, left, whatever) will get our country back (its not ours, it belongs to citizens united) until we put country before party. make america constitutional again.

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