OLW… 2019

It’s a darn good thing punctuality isn’t my OLW.  I’m late in launching my OLW and it does an amazing job of why this OLW for 2019 is spot on.  Consistency.  It’s a struggle, and a large one in my life.

I am heading in to 2019 having had one of the best year’s in my life in 2018.

For a million reasons. 

My career has been one of my largest areas of growth.  The work I’ve done in getting diet and exercise in to motion.  There are things I’ve done with such consistency that results were all but guaranteed.  Of course there are also things with additional consistency could have been all the better. consistency-quote

Consistency in my career is going to continue to be a priority in 2019.  It will allow me to continue the success I’ve been working to and more.  Consistency will also help me be a stronger team player in my office and give me the opportunity to really lead by example.

In my diet and exercise.  I started working on this in August, and really strictly from a place of vanity.  Nominated for the Apartment Association of Metro Denver’s Grand Tribute Jack Shapiro Award, I wanted to know that should I win, I’d be happy with the woman I was putting on stage. I was able to lose about 40 pounds from the time I started to award night, an additional twenty-five pounds since.  Consistency in how I eat and approach food, consistent accountability to my doctor created the space required to make the change.  Of course I struggled and was super inconsistent with my exercise in this period.  I know it’s really the missing piece to keep building on my success and be ready to participate in the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, October 2019.

My Soul… I am no where close to consistency in caring for my soul, evidenced by my sporadic participation in my blog. I am setting an appointment in my calendar to once a week blog, even if all I say is I don’t have anything to report for the week.

Relationships and family. Finding consistent habits and ways of being will only help strengthen my relationship with my husband who is my biggest source of support, my son, who is a great human. My consistency will help him in his pursuit of consistency.

So here’s to 2019, to new opportunity, and to choosing consistency.

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