525600 Minutes…

I’ve written about this before. But, in each year we have 525,600 minutes.


It’s a lot right? Yes! The thing is… what do we choose to do with those minutes?

My lament of 2020 was allowing 2020 to happen to me rather than being consistently and effectively in the drivers seat. Part of “Decide to Rise” is to thoughtfully consider what I am going to do with the 2021 allotment of minutes.

Panda Planner.

My friend Nancy introduced me to the Panda Planner in 2019. It’s a great way to plan your life in bite sized pieces, the benefit of course is to build a series of smaller goals into larger more meaningful goals. Today, I spent time with my PP and 2020 outcomes to build a plan for moving forward in 2021. http://panda planner.com

Increase revenue.

Check. 20% seems like the low end of the goal setting, I should be able to knock it out of the park. It’s a $31,075.00/month, which breaks down in to roughly $7,769.00/week, which further breaks down to about $388.45/day in sales, $49.00/hour in sales, and then down to minutes… $0.82/minute and finally, $.0136.

Math is funny isn’t it?

Looking at $373,000 ish in a year seems a bit scary, challenging… how will I EVER get there? Like ever? And so you just break it down.


The weekly number in sales made me feel way better prepared to be successful, daily, Ha! Should literally be able to do this standing on my head. Dare say with one hand tied behind my back. But when I break it down to hours, and then minutes, and then seconds… well by the time I get to seconds it feels like maybe the goal, the bar, isn’t set high enough.

I feel better.

I feel like tomorrow, the first Monday of 2021 is met with a plan. A good plan. A plan I can successfully navigate and win. Thanks Nancy for introducing me to Panda Planner. Thanks Denise to introducing me to 525,600 minutes. Both are great tools and reminders that we get to choose how we spend our time.


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