Finding ways to make it work better…

Sometimes… I think that really what makes life go, especially when I am working on living with intention is finding ways to make things work better.  Lately, it’s something that I am getting a great deal of experience with in my personal life, my professional life, my mentoring life, and so it should come as no surprise to my blogging life also.

A couple of Mother’s Day’s ago I got an iPad.  Great gift right?  Of course it is.  Of course it’s the gift that I just don’t seem to use quite enough.  Part of it is because I find that I am somewhat I rebel and still love the way that a page feels being turned in my hand.  I’m old school like that.  But part of it, for me, is that it isn’t quite as user friendly as I’d like.  the tap tap tap of the touch screen is something that I still have yet to conquer and master on the iPad or the iPhone, really any iDevice.  So I’ve been contemplating getting a keyboard to companion my iPad.  The thinking behind this is that with this addition, I can use it for work on our newly upgraded cloud based system, it will be easier to take notes when necessary, and of course should I find myself inspired to get a blog posted, well it will make that just that much easier too.

So this afternoon I ventured out to BestBuy, which is one of those stores that I just don’t shop.  And I went with intention to get my new keyboard.  I’m thinking this is about the best hundred bucks I’ve spent lately.  I’m sitting here, perched on the bed, iPad rested up on this great little Logitech keyboard and composing this little blog.  And you know what? It’s working better.  So the lesson, the take away for me today — go out and find the ways to make IT work better.

Happy day bloggers.


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