Doing it yourself…

Sometimes I don’t know just what it is or who it is I am waiting on.  The more I think on my one little word and consider living my life with intention the more I realize I really have what I need to drive my life forward to do what I want to do, to achieve the goals that I want and to make the things I want to happen in my life.  That I am powerful, in spite of the self talk that I can weigh myself down with.  I’m working on a ton of things right now.  Here are some of the things I am working on being intentional with.  I am becoming more intentional with running, getting back out there regularly, doing what it takes to become stronger in my passion.  I very much have a heart to go to school, to pursue my degree to chase my passion to continue working with young people, there is little that lights me up in the way that impacting the life of a young person does and helping them discover a passion or helping them discover a future and that they have a place in it.  So its about be intentional and not waiting on time, or a person, or the right circumstance, because there may never be a perfect time, a perfect person or just the right circumstance.  So get out there and just start doing it yourself…


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