You’ve got to have a plan…

Why-You-Need-an-Ecommerce-Road-Map I feel more successful about living a year with intention than any New Year’s Resolution I could have ever come up with.  This is what I love about the idea of One Little Word.  What I learned this week in living with intention is that you’ve got to have a plan.  I’m sure will all concede that it sounds cliche’ but how on earth are we ever to know where we’re going if we don’t have a map?A map for a long planned road trip? A map for fitness? A map for career? A map for financial independence?  That was the task this week, doing a good long hard look at the fiscal side of living with intention.  Here’s what I learned.  There are a lot of areas where you know what?  I’m doing a pretty darn good job.  Of course, there is the flip side to that also…, there are some areas where the fiscal housekeeping needs a little work.  I think we get comfortable in the day to day experience of living that maybe we simply don’t think about the impact of our fiscal wellness and how it has so much power to influence our lives, our happiness, our desire to chase our dreams. So my encouragement for today, would be to have you take a small step in looking at your fiscal house, what small intentional change can you make today to have a meaningful impact on your tomorrow.  I know when I did this, it really gave me a game changer of a week this week…

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  1. Hi! I am Jeri... says:

    I am a firm believer in a plan…and you have to write that plan out, so you see it! You think successful people don’t plan? You like it’s just luck? No way. They planned, visualized, put their plan into action. Keep planning….

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