What would you do…?

I’ve been missing in action.  I’ve been busy, and then I had lunch with my friend Mindi.  Mindi and I went to high school together.  I wouldn’t say we were the best of friends, nor would I say we were enemies.  We were people that went to high school together, graduated, built lives, built careers and somehow after twenty five years got reconnected.  Here’s the thing.  Mindi stepped up and helped support Aurora Central, a cause that I am crazy passionate about.  So it’s time that I step up and support a cause that Mindi is passionate about.  Her sister Beth.  At a young young age of 38, Beth is staring her mortality square in the face.  Something that most of us don’t consider… not at 38, not at 48, not at 58.  Beth is considering this daily, at 38.  She’s battling a stage IV recurrence of breast cancer. It’s mean, nasty and it’s spread.  The prognosis sucks.  It’s the prognosis that you get where you go home and get your things in order, spend the time you have making things right and praying for one more day.  It’s the kind of prognosis that makes you hold your children for dear life, because your last opportunity is lurking somewhere… you know it’s there and you can’t see it.  So in living one little word, my intention right now is to be as much of a support as I can to my friend Mindi, and by extension to her family.  They’re walking a tough tough road that no person should walk alone.  My burning desire would be that anyone who reads this blog would consider joining my intention to support Beth her fight, and the time she has left, in resource thought, and prayer… I know the family appreciates every step taken with them on the journey on their behalf helping to lighten their load.



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1 Response to What would you do…?

  1. mindidee says:

    Thanks Liz. I am at a loss for words. Just- thank you.

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