Fight like a girl…

Beth died today.  And I’m really sad.  I can’t even really say that I knew Beth, but as I said in an earlier post this week, I know Beth’s older sister Mindi.  My heart breaks.  I have two younger sisters, Keri is 39 and Jennifer is 37 — Beth, well Beth was 38, so it’s close ya know?  Beth fought with breast cancer, she took round one and beat cancer’s ass. Beth fought like a girl.

Then… there was round two.  Cancer came back harder and stronger and for all of the fight that Beth had, cancer just seemed to have more and today, I am sad to say that cancer won. 

Beth leaves behind a husband, who fought with her every single step, she leaves two step daughters that while I don’t know them, it looks like they love her with all they have.  And what makes me most sad I think in all of this, Beth leaves behind two small children.  They’ll have memories of their mother — but they’ll miss so much.  I know that their family will let them know what an extraordinary women that Beth Haddad Cotsonis was and that she changed lives, and that she was an amazing wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, girl… but I’m sad and scared that there will always be this small area in their hearts that’s empty that place that the love of a mother fills.

So what’s the point?  I think my friend Shannon brought it home, spend time on what matters, spend our time wisely, give to the things that feed our souls and bring us joy.  Leave an imprint in the world make your mark, FIGHT LIKE A GIRL.  I am going be intentional in this pursuit, to bring honor to Beth, to women in my circle and challenge you all, regardless of your chromosomal assignment to fight like a girl for the memory of Beth.


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  1. mindidee says:

    Liz- I am absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness and love everyone has shown my family and me- it is unbelievable. I am so blessed to have friends like you and Shannon and so many, many others- too many to list. Thank you for giving Beth the props that she deserves. But you’re right- there are now 2 babies (Demitri, 4, and his “big” sister, Ella, 7) who will go through life with a piece of their hearts missing. Hell- I now have an empty space in my heart that was ripped out of me today. So I hope, like you said, that everyone reads- REALLY reads Shannon’s post- and takes her sage advice to heart. I love you all, am grateful for your constant support, Liz, and ask that everyone do something in Beth’s honor. Light a candle, say a prayer, do a shot or hug your entire family one more time. You never know when someone you love will join Beth in Heaven. Make sure everyone you love knows it. I did. My heart still aches- but nothing close to the pain I’d be in if I hadn’t told my beloved sister, Beth Ann (Haddad) Cotsonis, how much I loved her. And I always will.
    -Mindi Dee Haddad

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