Ladies…of a certain age.

So I’m 40… and I thought that 40 was the new 20, or at least I heard someone say something like that.  40 is NOT the new 20, it’s not even close.  I went to the doctor this week.  I had this little discolored spot on my face — and so better safe than not I went and had it looked at.

It’s a “sun spot.”  Now…if you’re anything like me this is what I heard, “Liz, this is an OLD LADY spot.”  These are the things that somehow we know will come in our lives, just as sure as a training bra and our first experience with other “girl” type things — rights of passage things that happen.  Instead of using SPF 30 when we’re 16 we opted for Banana Boat or worse yet — Johnson & Johnson baby oil.   So my doctor tells me dutifully that it’s never to late to start good practice with sunscreen — which I had started earlier in the week all on my own and that this “sun spot” condition may go away, may not… if it grows or gets blood vessels or scabs that we want to go to a dermo for additional care.  But for now… it’s just my “old lady spot.”

Tonight… I went to Sephora.  It’s time to start being kinder to my face.  So I went in for a better moisturizer — something with a some SPF love, something to be kind to my face, I actually like my face.  And so the very sweet ever so fabulous Sephora guy recommends…

Peter Thomas Roth — Clinical Skin Care Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30, and did I mention that it provides… Anti-aging defense???

And to the younger ladies who may happen across this blog, wear sunscreen!s373894-main-Lhero

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