With intent, comes… Choice.

It’s been a tough week in my home.  Without going into great detail, I’ll say that my family reached out to someone to provide help.  We spent time, money, and effort. Lots of effort.  The kind of effort that you put into your own kids, parents you know that effort right?  And then… it didn’t work.  Worse than that, the someone we helped completely totally took advantage of my family’s kindness.  It was the kind of thing that left me feeling disgusted, angry, so so angry and jaded. 

I began to question why. Why would I continue to reach out to someone to anyone really when you run the risk of your kindness being taken advantage of?  Knowing that there is the possibility   someone will take you for what they can get, and then simply march on. I yelled, raised my voice and then I cried.  Because what was taken, the material items, well that stings.  But at the core, the gift of giving your heart and when that is taken — well, that’s a different kind of hurt. It’s the kind of hurt that you don’t put a band-aid on, it’s not the type of hurt that a momma’s kiss makes feel better.  It’s the kind of hurt that if you’re not careful can alter the person that God would have you be.

So I voiced my frustration on Facebook — and my friends came through in fantastic forum.  One in particular gave me the gift of this scripture:The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18″

And in that one moment… the clouds began to lift, my anger began to ease and I knew that among my many purposes while here in the game of life is to share my gift the gift given to me by the hand of God of compassion and service to my community.

So… my heart, well it hurts a little, but it will mend.  For the person that committed this act against my family, you are forgiven though the consequences of your actions are yours.  And my gift will continue to be shared.  This morning, the young men at Aurora Central helped me see appreciation happens…so I’d like to thank them for that gift.

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2 Responses to With intent, comes… Choice.

  1. connie says:

    You can’t save all the fish in the sea, but if you can save one it can make a difference. Remember, send (what would Jesus do)

  2. connie says:

    You can’t save all the fish in the sea, but if you can help one, it is worth it. W w j d ? (What would Jesus do)

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