To Journal…

I will be writing in a journal — you know, old school write?  Dominique and I decided  this would be a great activity to do together and I think there will be big benefit from doing so.  So today I will write (on yesterday’s topic).  Dominique picked our first topic — “Something I’m upset about.”  Wow.  So I’ll write about something I’m upset about, and as I sit here and consider that, I am thankful for the blessing that an old school journal will bring.  It will be me, my thoughts and that’s it — no public display, no soap box, no platform for discussion, just me and what I was upset by.  The intention is that I will share my thoughts with Dominique and she’ll share her thoughts back.

Often, I wonder what we miss by not having human interaction in conversation, what part of us is simply going away without even being aware that it’s happening.  It’s true when I consider that my son’s preferred method of communication is a series of text messages that I can never seem to keep up with.  And then, to use a Colorado Youth at Risk “ism” I walk around the “Perspective Box”  look at things from a different view and get to consider the freedom in writing and that sometimes, that is really a more powerful choice.  It keeps me from saying those things that I can’t take back, I can go edit, and for me, that can really be a gift.  I imagine that it can for many.

So consider a journal… no need to write the next great American novel, but I wonder what you might find.


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1 Response to To Journal…

  1. Stunkard says:

    And writing it down gets it off your chest. It’s like venting to yourself before you make the mistake of saying something you can’t take back…

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