Perspective check…

Tonight was Flexible Family night. I was excited, there were so many families in our information meeting.  It’s exciting to know there are other people similar to us, different than us all considering adoption. Tonight, I got a little Perspective Check. So in flexible family adoption, we’ve discussed that any child that is removed from their biological home is defined as “special needs.”  We also know that 7 to 8 years old can be “too old.” We’ve learned that being a part of a sibling set that wants to remain in tact can be a hindrance.  And here’s something I really had never considered, something that really is pretty simple, should be obvious and had never had crossed my mind until today.

Given the choice… These children, the ones that are waiting for these forever families, many of them, maybe most of them would given the choice, prefer to be with their biological families. 130516105242-coin-flip-file-story-top So why didn’t I consider this?  I think it’s because I am so wrapped up in the excitement of our family growing of taking on something that my heart’s been called to do that I didn’t stop to consider that there is another side to this coin.  There is the side that belongs to the children that are yet to be ours.  And my heart hurts for them, because I simply can’t imagine the pain of knowing the rights of their parents are terminated — that someone decided their mom and dad aren’t the right people to be their mom and dad.  And then there is the logical brain that wonders… how can these children desire so much long so much to be with people who are capable to bring such pain?  Sometimes it’s pain that is deliberate, sometimes it’s circumstantial….and sometimes, well, sometimes it’s just life.  Today, I really considered  there is another side to the adoption coin — the side that belongs to our children.  I hope they know that Eric and I will do our very best to understand their side of our coin…

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