A Day for Love…

So here it is… the day before St. Valentine’s Day.  A Day for Love… I’ll be honest and say that my inspiration for this comes from my great friend and coworker Jeri and my mentee Dominique.  It created the space to have me thinking about all of the people that I love.  Of course, the list includes my husband Eric who is without doubt my biggest supporter and cheerleader in the things I find myself up to.  Daniel, my young man who has been one of the biggest joys in my life, watching him become a person that I hope will find his way in a crdo-you-love-me_personalityhackerazy world and learn that he too, has a gift, a capacity to be a source of change — no matter how small.  My parents and family even in the times where they drive me crazy, frustrate and outright have the ability to anger me.  I love these people.

Dominique and I had dinner last night and were talking about the time left before she graduates… and then she starts singing.  She’s singing “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. And she say’s it reminds her of us, not in a romantic  way…but it speaks to her about our relationship.

I won’t give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I’m giving you all my love
I’m still looking up

And she’s right.  I love this young woman too.  Looking to find her place in the world, confront her fears and doubts, hoping for success and wondering where she’ll make a difference.  I thoughtFR-12x12-SA.ST8886 Tan John 3-16 more about these lyrics and I have to say I believe Jason Mraz to be an incredible wordsmith and a speaker of truth. Because these lyrics remind me of one of my greatest loves too… the love of a man the love a God so big that he sent his only son to die what was a horrible undeserved death so that I can be forgiven of the sins and wrongs of my life, Jesus. (John 3:16)  There perhaps is the most amazing expression of love ever to be found. EVER.  I know I’ve said that I’d die for my son… my husband… my family, but here is a picture of a man who not only said those words, but carried out that promise.  That’s pretty big.  And so on this Valentine’s weekend, take a listen to this beautiful piece of music, think about your loves and remember that it isn’t measured in a box of chocolates, a sparkly new bauble, or a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  It’s about demonstrating the same commitment that a mighty Savior made, for me…. and for you too.

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1 Response to A Day for Love…

  1. Stunkard says:

    Beautiful words about love and Valentine’s Day. We’ve known each other a long time…I love the person you are, and not in a romantic way 😉 You’re so caring and passionate.

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