It’s been a week…

It’s been a week… of some pretty amazing highs and some pretty jacked up lows.  It’s been a week.  So.  The Prom Dress Project had our second sale… not as successful as the first go round.  No.  Scratch that. Our purple Cinderella dress found a home.  To a young woman that is a student at Aurora Central.  She has no family to speak of…she’s a refugee.  And the purple Cinderella dress — well, that’s her dress.  So big win for the team!

Our story made front page news of our little community newspaper.  Some partner high schools have reached out to see if we’d host for them as well.  The Prom Dress Project lives.

Meeting on Thursday night to discuss what is to become of my alma mater… Aurora Central. Aurora Central is a staple in the community. But a staple that serves the lesser in our community.  Those who are immigrant status.  Those who may become homeless. Tonight.  Those who don’t foster an ideal that education is the one gift that can truly move mountains.  We spoke to several board members, community members at large, and I am left concerned.  What will become of my home?  Whatever the outcome.  I’m in…there is too much at risk with the young people that this community serves.

Quarterback Club meeting. Can’t attend, it’s the same night as the
AC status meeting.  But I am briefed after the two meetings. Who doesn’t like football?  Love the new coach.  He leads, he inspires… he walks a walk that our halls need.  I like that guy.  So working on building a team, a culture, a school where we demonstrate pride and know what it means to give back.  That’s a huge win. #alwaysatrojan

And then… the call from the doctor’s office yesterday.

So your blood work is fine… sweet.  Your pap is fine too…  sweet.  But… So I wonder if everything is fine, why is there a “but” in this conversation?  There are some abnormal cells that have shown up.  Well then isn’t my pap not normal by virtue of “abnormal” cells?  So I’m rattled.  Make an appointment for ultrasounds, check.  Make appointment for biopsy, check.  This is scary stuff friends.  And here’s the thing.  I can wgodsgotthisorry, though there are many who say don’t worry… I can stress, though there are those who say I am stressing too much.  It’s easy to give that type of advice isn’t it?  Well from these shoes, I think I’ve been too quick to give that sort of advice.  So test one and two tomorrow… then a week long wait for test three, and a wait after that for results.  I see where the “hurry up and wait” adage comes from.  What I would say, if I were giving myself advice in this week of remarkable highs and crazy lows… Adopt truly adopt the idea that God has my back, he has me… no matter the outcome.  So don’t worry.  Well… try not to.

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