How The Road Curves…

It is interesting to me, in life, how the road curves. I’ve been reading some of my entries to this point in my OLW (One Little Word) for 2015 and I’ve been everywhere.Mallorca Island  I’ve been contemplating everything from whether or not I have cancer to trying to find ways to get my dog to sleep through the night to what adoption (my word) looks like.  I just find it interesting, if not a little curious or otherwise funny.

Tomorrow is MRI day.  The last of the tests ordered by my physician as a result of some abnormal cells located in my lab work.  Ultrasound shows “something” though that’s vague.  The blood work shows that I don’t have uterine cancer that presents much the same way pregnancy does.  Biopsy — negative for endometrial cancer.  So two flavors have been ruled out.  I’ve gone through this process praying that nothing is wrong.  Today, for the first time, I’ve considered how I hope they find something.  Odd isn’t it? Please don’t find something, because I don’t want to be sick, but, on the other hand, please find something so I know what it is. I think I’ll file this under #firstworldproblems.

Life continues to happen even through all of this.  There are alumni meetings, quarterback club meetings, mentoring… oh that.  My mentoring relationship has pretty much crashed and burned.  That hurts.  A lot. I hope at some point in the future this situation will work out, because Dominique is that important to me.  Right now, space, a big vacuum of space is where the relationship lies.  I still pay attention.  I can’t help it.

I have a friend who is beginning a season of grief that in no way I can wrap my head around. Moments of grief in the midst of a season of happy, or perhaps, it’s moments of happy that live within a season of grief.  Life continues to happen.

In the midst of all of these twists, turns, and sometimes straightaways on this road, I am reminded of the amazing friends and companions I walk this journey with and the honor and privilege it is to be a friend and companion for those I walk with.

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  1. Leone says:

    Wisdom shared. Thanks Lizboo

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