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One. Year. Later.

525,600 minutes One of these days I do believe I should see Rent. Because I refer often to 525600 minutes. The number of minutes in a year. And tomorrow it will be 525600 since I first flew to Phoenix to … Continue reading

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I AM Broken…

I think completely, I am broken. It’s been another two weeks in the calendar of my life that just seem and feel hopeless.  I hate it, because, really, it’s not who I am. Just the same.  I am broken.  I’ve … Continue reading

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How The Road Curves…

It is interesting to me, in life, how the road curves. I’ve been reading some of my entries to this point in my OLW (One Little Word) for 2015 and I’ve been everywhere.  I’ve been contemplating everything from whether or … Continue reading

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There Is Nothing I Can Do…

I have a friend, she’s quite a dear friend, and the type of woman  every woman would be lucky to have in her life. She’s the type of friend  you’d do anything for and today, there is nothing I can … Continue reading

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