A Blog About A Blog About A Blog….

It’s Wednesday… my regularly scheduled blog day.  When I started my OLW (one little word) I made a commitment to myself that I would in fact, schedule time to blog.  I made an appointment with myself once a week to blog.  Every Wednesday the alarm goes off to gently remind me that today is the day that I get together with my thoughts and write. I think mostly, because my secret career would to be an author.  The other day I read A Blog About A Blog  About a blog. We (bloggers) all have something to say, a desire to be heard, to have something meaningful to add to the blogosphere. The point of this blog about a blog is that most, well at least most personal blogs root in the love of the written word.  That’s the case for me anyhow. writingThe point of Esther’s blog is that often we become so wrapped up in will this post be read, be liked, be shared that we cease writing for the love of writing and instead create homework assignments.  I think about it and think… I don’t know anyone that enjoys homework.  Point. Made. I also have taken on writing a blog for my company.  The Power of Print blog hosted right here on WordPress. Shameless plug, you should check it out. I schedule this writing on Monday.  Monday has come and gone, and I have yet to pen something for the business blog.  We created this blog as a part of an effort to help bring awareness to our business and the amazing things we’re up to in addition to using the blog as a tool that we hope will grow our business.   Anyhow, I sat right back down today to write and found myself staring a homework assignment right in the face.  Nothing compelling has come to me after several strong weeks of writing. So… I stopped.  I considered Esther’s blog about a blog and I put it away.

While it would be nice to have something compelling to say every week, and our readers often stay tuned for the next installment, sometimes that doesn’t happen. So only if it is compelling to me, it is important to realize that thought is not confined to a time schedule.  A tick of the clock.  And so while I was considering the entry for tonight, my writer’s block for the Power of Print blog has dissipated and I have decided that  I have a new topic, something to say and even if it’s only compelling to me… well, I will be writing for the love of the written word.

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