On Turning 42…

Forty-two years ago on this day, September 10th, I arrived, the first daughter to Susan and Vito Capone in Waterbury, Connecticut.  So today, on my birthday, I thought I’d share some thoughts on turning 42.1101730910_400

I am number four of six children, the oldest of the girls in my family. It’s really a great spot to be in my tribe — always having the protection and occasional torment of my older brothers and the gift of being the older sister.  I wouldn’t trade it. For. Anything.

I’ve also decided on this occasion, turning 42, that the best years of my life are truly yet to come.  I have an amazing husband and a pretty cool kid.  I am in a place in my life where I am involved with numerous volunteering opportunities and the gift of being of service to the community around me. I have a career that I am tremendously proud of and that just gets better too.

I don’t have to be 29 for the umpteenth time, because I am better today than  I was at 29 and each passing year isn’t a marker of being older, but rather another year of doing the things that bring light to my world.

On turning 42… I am grateful, for my family, my career and my tribe, you, the people that ever touch my life and make it amazing… Every. Single. Day.

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