Dear Blog…

Dear Blog…

I’m writing to you today to apologize.  I’ve not given you the attention you deserve and because of that, I’ve been less happy.

Life has been busy, I’ve found myself overrun with work commitment, with family commitment, with volunteer commitment. I’ve thought about you a million times at least over the past two months that we haven’t talked. And… I’m sorry.

I’ve come to our relationship in a very one sided fashion, knowing that you’ll always be here for me. I’ve taken you for granted. 

The truth, this isn’t the only place where I’ve been doing this, so there are probably a few other apologies that should be given. If…  I’m being honest.  I’ll get to that.IStillLoveYou

It’s so easy to take for granted the joy and satisfaction I get from writing.  Sometimes, subject matter is heavy — what do we do with the refugee crisis in Syria.  Terror attacks in Paris. Sometimes, it’s not quite as heavy, trash in the hallway of a school or wishing for a friend to make a solid choice in their future.  Sometimes, it’s sharing accomplishment.  Did you know blog, that my high school alma mater  had their best season in 25 years?  Did you know… that we’ve recently honored a life long giver and believer in Aurora Central?  I haven’t shared these things with you.

I haven’t shared that my Aunt Diana who I visited this summer has cancer and that for a brief moment she was beating it and now her battle is nearing it’s end, though no one except the Great I AM when that is. That my heart breaks for the loss I have yet to experience.

I haven’t shared the amazing opportunity to reconnect with a portion of my family, my people, that I have not seen for nearing 30 years.  These amazing people to whom I’m tied that are making a difference in education, in community in family.

Dear Blog… I’m sorry. You deserve more, I deserve more and these events that shape our life deserve more.

I am making a date, with just you and I on Friday morning.  I’ll tell you all about Thanksgiving.










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