This… is the Epilogue to the story of Sandra Grosswiler.

Sandy has made it to the finish line.

I returned to the hospital about 4 o’clock this afternoon.  Eric and I held her hand and practiced the finer art of being a human “being.” Not doing, not distracted, just being with Sandy.  Helping here forage her way home.

We left for a quick dinner and as we made our way back to room 343 Sandy was ready to go.  The last precious few yards of her 81 year journey.

I wrote earlier today that I truly believe that death is every bit the miracle as birth.  These two human “transactions” are woven together — there is not one without the other.

Sandy finished her race.  I will love her always.  I will always be grateful for the man she raised that is my husband and I will do my level best to walk with him through the coming days… at his pleasure and with his heart in mind.

May God Bless and Keep YOU, Sandra Oxford Seeley Grosswiler

06-28-1935 — 02-01-2017sandy-birthday

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