Fe Anniversary…

Six years.  Today, Eric and I have been married for 2,191 and 1/2 days.  Six years. 52,596 hours.  3,155,760 minutes and that all boils down to 189,345,600 seconds. When you think of it in terms of years or days it seems almost not worth noting.  We spend more time pursuing elementary and high school education.sandy-at-wedding

On a more micro level, getting down to seconds, it changes and becomes so much larger than you’d think. One Hundred Eighty-Nine Million Three Hundred Forty-Five Thousand, Six Hundred seconds.  It’s a mouthful.

We’re spending this weekend in Danville, Illinois, home of Dick and Jerry Van Dyke, Gene Hackman, and my sister and her family.  Her son Nick is graduating this weekend and we’re here to help celebrate his amazing accomplishment.

Much like our 189,345,600 seconds, this long weekend isn’t perfect.  I’ve managed to come down with some allergic or summer cold malady, and there is plenty of on-the-fly changes to suit just about anyone.

But — it’s like that with marriage too.  We have good days and not so good days.  We have bad days and worse days.  And of course we have those magical days that really leave us aware of just how blessed our lives are.  And they are.

So cheers to Eric… and to me as we celebrate our Iron Anniversary, and like iron that is wrought into beautiful fences and works of art — so to is our marriage….

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The Virtues, in despair, quit the earth; and the depravity of man becomes universal and complete. Hard steel succeeded then.

— Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book I, Iron age, line 160 ff
Iron when mixed with impurity becomes stronger… a marriage mixed with time… becomes stronger.
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