To My Gal Pal…

A note to my gal pal… Thank you.

To my gal pal who had lunch with me today, thank you.  To the one that sent me that great text message yesterday, making me feel so on point with my job — thank you.

To the one who had lunch with me yesterday… and listened and related to ME thank you.

To the gal pal who told me to go to the doctor (for weeks now…) to get treatment for my sinus infection, thank you.

To the gal pal that called to see if wanted coffee this morning… thank you.  Of course, I did, but the pain in my ears was just too much!

To the gal pal that sent me an email earlier this week, to honor a commitment and to touch base… thank you, and while I am at it, I’m sorry, I think, no, I know, I was rough and bitchy.

To the gal pals working with me on the Legends Dinner, thank you, just knowing you’re on the team makes one more step easier to take!

To the gal pal… that I still consider my very best friend, more than thirty years later, and though we’re not as connected as we were as teenage girls (and I wish we were), thank you and can we have dinner soon???  I miss your friendship, perhaps the most.

To the gal pal I mentor.  Thank you for letting me be a part of YOUR life, it is truly a beautiful gift to be able to be with you, to watch you become the sort of woman anyone would love to have in her


I have these gal pals, and literally there are hundreds of YOU, thank you all, you all have space in my heart and have done so much to help me to be the kind of person that deserves your friendship.  You see at lunch today, I really realized, how often we have spilled milk situations in our lives, the ones that no matter how much you wish you could put it back together, you just can’t. But… what I CAN do, is to remember to lean on you, my gal pals… to pull me through.

And to my gal pal… the one that said, “Liz be gentle with yourself…” thank you, those words have carried me often over the past few weeks.


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