Love notes…from HIM.

I get daily love notes…from HIM.

It’s not Eric, and nor are they from Daniel.  Heck, they’re not from my Dad either.  And yet somehow, they tend to be just what I need to hear, right when I need to hear it.

I signed up with TUT to receive my daily notes from the Universe — I look at the “Universe” as notes from HIM.  Maybe there are others who have a difficult time accepting all that they are — is through divine creation and there is a maker and we are cast in HIS image.  Yet, they believe in something, and maybe that is by HIS design too.

Anyway… I just wanted to share today’s love note as it could not be more timely and apropos (my favorite word EVER), with thanks to Mrs. Chopyak and 11th grade Honors English.  And because this is the love note for today — I know HE is the Great I AM.

You’re simply the best, Liz . You blow my mind. We’re all in total awe. How you hold together under pressure. How you face up to your challenges. And your rebound ability totally rocks. You’re driven, persistent, and strong. Playful, silly, fun. Compassionate, sympathetic, understanding. You’re just plain unstoppable. And you always have time for others. What a package. Soooo…

How ’bout cutting yourself some slack every now and then?

GOD.  (The Universe)

Enjoy today…

Love notes…from Him

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