laziness-workSo I’ve started this year with a commitment to get real about my time.  And here is some sobering truth.  I can waste it.  And I do.   I love to start my morning with a quick Facebook check, see what exciting new memes are out there.  I love to take a few minutes to look at my thriving 401k.  I love to kill a few minutes petting Tod, my furry little puppy friend.  So the truth of the matter is that I am a champ at what might be considered frivolous wastes of my most valuable resource.  Of course, I can also argue the other side,  checking in with Facebook keeps me aware of important events in the circles of my friends.  Get well soon Phyllis.  Or… that it’s safe to unload the losing items in my portfolio because I’ve made gains sufficient to cover the loss. Or… when I am petting and snuggling Tod, I legitimately feel more relaxed my blood pressure decrease and my sense of wellness increase.

But don’t YOU dare…

Waste MY Time  Isn’t it funny?  Think about it, think about how you spend your time…and typically, I’d suggest we’re pretty gentle with ourselves and how we spend time and our critique of how we’re using this resource.  I don’t know too many that regularly berate themselves over a frivolous time expenditure.  But I know tons of people, and I am totally in the group that can go from zero to crazy when I feel someone is wasting my time.

Consider this.  How much time do I waste that doesn’t belong to me? Unnecessary interruptions to a co-worker (Sorry Jeri!!) Catching my husband when he just doesn’t have the time to give? Not giving clear directions to committee members or other people in my life.  Missing an appointment.  The list goes on. So much so that I recently found a website dedicated to the time that we waste:

I Waste So Much Time

Enjoy… and remember the time you waste may be your own.


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1 Response to Waste.

  1. J.Stunkard says:

    Haha…it’s okay. But seriously, I don’t think we waste enough time at work! 😉 Looks like we could be doing more web surfing, according to the chart.

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