We Broke Up…

Today, I had a long over-due break-up.  The reason we broke up is really quite simple.  You see, the concept of “social media” has become anything but “social.”  We’ve suffered yet another school shooting, and in the face of this, there are ensuing arguments about gun control, AR15s, mental health, immigration, MS13, the liberal left and the wacko right.  Facebook, we can’t be together anymore. And, I’m not sorry either.


Selfie-Syndrome-negative-effect-social-mediaJust enough.  It is a shame that what should be a way to engage one and other in meaningful connected ways has become a hot spot for every flavor of negativity ever fathomed.  What happened to sharing what you had for dinner last night?

Social Media Damage

No More.

And it’s really a shame, because I love being connected to friends and family I may otherwise miss, and don’t forget the baby sloths.

But Maybe…

It’s for the best. Maybe social media is a part of the problem anyhow?  We’re spending time glued to a device, glued to a place that isn’t real and maybe that’s causing the insanity just as much as anything else.  And I think I am on to something and I think, just maybe… this time, I’m right.  So instead of spending my time on Facebook or tweeting (and God knows I can’t say anything in 140 characters anyway) or Pintresting… or anything else, I’ll get my “social media” on the good old fashioned way and connect with my friends and familyQuit Facebook 2 in more traditional methods, I’ll send thoughtful notes and note cards, I’ll send text messages and make phone calls.  I will work on the real connection.

The Human Connection.

Connection that matters and will have my friends and family knowing without a doubt they’re loved, thought of, and cared for.


I’ll find my way back to Facebook at some point, sometime.  Maybe, I won’t.  I simply know the perpetuating divisiveness of the social media platform no longer works for me. #nomore #banFacebook #beKindnotRight

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2 Responses to We Broke Up…

  1. Jeri says:

    Good for you! When I broke up with FB and twitter it was something similar. It’s not good for your heart. It will be weird for awhile, like losing your BFF, and you might have withdrawals but you will get over it and never look back. Or, come over to Instagram where you can get your fill of baby sloths minus the negative talk.❤️

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