Breaking Up… Is Hard to Do.

On Friday, last week, I made the decision to break up with Facebook.  My reasoning is sound.  Social media has moved away from being “social” and has become breeding ground for dialog that is frankly, divisive, mean, anti-social and really creates space where being “right” is more important than being KIND.

But who knew… That breaking up…is hard to do? You see, I went to the Aurora Central Varsity Women’s Basketball game on Friday evening and I so wanted to “check-in” and “tag” the friends on my list that I was hanging out with.  But, breaking up is breaking up and no matter how “hard” it is, it’s called a break-up for a reason. (see paragraph I)Facebook pic

I made it through the weekend, my husband, I think was a little shocked that I had.  I was a little shocked that I had if I am telling the truth.  But I did it. 

Today… I realize not only do I use Facebook for the “social” aspects, but in my career in marketing, I also use the social media giant to connect with people I do business with.

What to do? What to do?

I have choices. 

I can reactivate my account, having lasted 72 hours.  I can login to the business account and connect with people I do business with there, though I am afraid it will cause the same net result.  I can Instagram, which I understand to be much less volatile…

I honestly believe staying away from FB is my best bet, more often than not, I see posts and commentary which more than anything leaves me with some sort of frustration or agitation and isn’t good for me.  It just isn’t.  Stay tuned….

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  1. J.Stunkard says:

    Hang in there, my friend.

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