Big Girl Things…

A lesson in pulling up your panties.

I’m sitting at Phoenix Sky Harbor waiting to come home.

It’s been a long week. And as with everything there are ups and downs countless to mention, but it really gives me cause to pause on why focusing on the Big Girl Things is the smart move, ALWAYS.

Arrived on Monday and was able to visit the Capone Compound. That’s what we’re going to call it. Give it a Godfather kinda vibe. I love my house and we’re checking that on the Big Girl Things list. Building my home, buying my home, making my home. Unassisted.

Tuesday… I did lots of sales calls. Lots of them. Now it takes a special sort of person that can walk in to a building knowing no one, engage in some brief conversation and walk out with new friends. Usually that person is a high I on the DISC assessment. I am a high I. I also had happy hour with Kelsey from MEB Management. She’s an amazing young women I am doing leadership training with. I can’t wait to watch her career flourish. She reminds me a bit of Jennifer Nesset with Sares Regis, self made woman and powerful with impeccable style.

Now… here’s where we need to work on some BGT. I went to HIS house. Stupid move for sure and did nothing for me…


There was some closure because the door never opened. It’s the kind of thing you expect from a spineless person. So good things there, though actually going there was a piss poor choice. On the way home, I was the victim of flying debris from a flatbed truck in front of me. Thankful to God for keeping me safe in that moment. BGTs include being thankful to an amazing God, the ultimate protector and miracle maker. It could have been a terrible accident. It wasn’t. Big Girls thank God. Tuesday we also learned big girls should always trust your gut. The evidence is in and he’s a spineless cheater.

Wednesday. I had some fantastic interactions with new clients. I love getting to know people, hearing the stories on what makes them tick, learning about the road that brought them to our intersection. I also got to set up for my trade show, broke my booth, punted to create great looking booth space. Big Girls ADAPT. And… they can do it, and often do it, On. A. Dime.

Thursday. We did the AMA Tucson Trade Show and Education Conference. What a whirlwind event! Now it was cool because there were some of my Denver peeps there and that’s always cool. The show was super brief, like four hours… let me tell you I shook more hands and kissed more babies, and it was fantastic. I am so grateful to have a career that takes my people strengths and gives them a place to thrive, really really thrive. Big Girls embrace great careers and amazing opportunities. They don’t take those moments and opportunities for granted.

Friday. Go home time. Big Girls can’t wait to get home to the men in their lives that REALLY matter. Daniel, Dad, and Tod… though I am not sure if it’s in that order… they understand there are just some men that are better and more reliable than others, and if it’s not her Daddy, then she’s not really sure who. It’s her son, who makes her proud every day with every grown man choice he makes and then it’s her best boy and furry friend, who’s always happy to see her, and doesn’t need a reason to wag the tail and follow her everywhere. Big Girls show gratitude for those relationships with those men that make a difference. Of course, I’m also happy to return home to my fellow Big Girls affectionately known as the Girl Gang. These women are the support that keep me going on the days when I am not sure I can, nor want to… Some of them have the soft fluffy answers, some have the hard truths, they all have my back and my world is so much better for having them. Big Girls support other girls… it’s what we do. We understand family is not always DNA driven. It’s women who share common goals, hopes, dreams, pains, desires.

So let’s pack it up and go home Big Girl. You have shit to do. Big Girls get shit done!

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