Good Intentions…

It’s funny, we start the year with good intentions.  Every. Single. Year.  We do this.  It’s kind of a vicious cycle when you get right down to it.

My OLW (One Little Word) changed as 2015 gave way to 2016.  My new word… commitment. It occurs to me that I have a problem with commitment.  Not everywhere, just some spaces.  I easily commit to #ThePromDressProject, to The Friends of Aurora Central — our alumni association.  I have zero issue in my ability to commit to the young adults at Aurora Central High School — no issues there and no issues with work commitment.  So it appears that I have it all wrapped up.  89b0f153eee6fc4fa901174f7fe7774f

Until I sat yesterday and enjoyed the best lunch ever with my friend Danielle.  She’s embarking on her journey into the blogosphere.  The general observation being that we use blogs, Facebook, Twitter… the list goes on to represent that better side of ourselves.  The side that is sexy, beautiful, funny, and charming.  Engaged in our lives — engaged in service.  And then it hits. #UnMoTiVaTeD.  That’s Danielle’s blog theme.  Looking at the things that we know we should do, the things we profess to wanting to do and then why we choose to go have lunch and a glass of wine instead.  It’s curious.  The funny little connection that makes darn well sure we know what we should be up to and then for some reason… we find ourselves just not up to it.

So how does ANY of this relate to my OLW? I chose commitment because while I am a champion at commitment in some places there are others where, frankly, I am sucking wind.

Commitment to myself.  I’ve been letting a three year old injury be my “justification” for why I am not being more active, not in better shape and not participating in something that I absolutely enjoy.  Running.  Blogging.  Here we are half way through January and just today I am sitting down with my word and getting acquainted. I’ll start here and own it.

I am looking forward to helping my gal pal and her #UnMoTiVaTeD thoughts and sharing them with the universe because they’re true, they’re real and they’re keeping us from being our better selves.  Commitment wins.  #alwaysatrojan

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