Life BCP…

This weekend my family was able to spend the weekend at Disneyland, CA.  Of the places we go, this is one that ideally, we’d hit once year if not twice.  It’s a great time.  Now, perhaps more so than previous trips.  Star Wars is HuGe! Disney gets it.  But… as great as the weekend was, and, it was, I couldn’t help but notice that technology has gotten the better of us.  That provokes the thought, what did we do with our life bcp?

Life Before Cell Phones.

I imagine, and perhaps my logic is fundamentally flawed, that we choose to vacation together, well…. to be together. Quality Time. For all of the magic of Disney, I couldn’t shake the thought that I was vacationing with a million people all by themselves.


Standing in lines, and there are ToNs of lines, all that is visible for miles and miles are bunches of heads seemingly glued to their mobile device. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter….our lives have become indelibly marred, and over-run by our dependence on Droid, iPhone, heck, TracFones for that matter.  Tmobile and Verizon have our number.

I think it really hit me, our dependence on technology, as Eric, Daniel, and I waited in line for Indiana Jones on Friday evening… a full day of riding and walking, standing in lines, riding some more and standing in line some more.  It was about dusk and our last ride of the evening that the glow of the mobile device just took over.

Don’t get me wrong… I traveled with my device as did Eric.  There are certain grown up responsibilities, particularly for Eric, that simply can’t be completely shut down.  I will say, however on this trip, I felt we really made a conscious effort to BE together.

images.duckduckgo.comSo what DID we do…? Life bcp?  I’d suggest we were more engaged, really engaged in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We talked…not texted, not emoticoned, not status updates, not liked, shared, or commented…. we talked.  I think we should do that more.

I loved this weekend with my family, my tribe… and what I’ve learned, is that I managed life just fine bcp, and so I will continue to do so every Sunday.  Don’t look for me on FB, don’t email… heck don’t call.  I am spending time with my family, TALKING.

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