Some days…

Some days… I just want to throw in the towel.  Life is hard. 

Today, well today it just flat-out sucked. The kind of suck where you just wanna take a redo, for a million reasons at least. I’m in one of those “seasons,” funny that we call them “seasons” of my life where frankly nothing is coming easy.  In fact, the more difficult the better, or so it seems.

Just over a year ago, it was because of  health risks and concerns.

Just over a year ago, it was a change to my employment and the ownership of the company I work for.Life is hard

In December… it was the loss of my Aunt Diana, taken too soon from a disease too brutal to understand.

This year…

It’s because of more health risks.  I think I just may stop seeing the doctor all together as more often than not she’s the bearer of crap news. 152/88 you say?

Employment… a year later, we’ve added people, and subtracted; and it just doesn’t seem to come easy. We’ve combined people from completely different work cultures.  Unmet expectations… blending culture, and a litany of challenges on an almost daily basis, new software, new hardware, broken this and that.

Some days… there have even been challenges in the places I least expected… in spaces and places where I volunteer and find joy.  Even those spaces have not been immune to heartache, hurt feelings, misunderstanding and resentment — and those feelings are just MINE.

I can only wonder what else the list would bear if we exposed all of the feelings of those impacted and involved.

Some days… there is no break.

I suspect that I’ll have many more of those some days…

I suspect that I’ll wake up tomorrow, dust myself off and start over.

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