I wanted to write today, about yesterday, about how it was spent, and on 43…

I never have feared my birthday. I am not a “29 again” sort.  I’m glad for that because I really do think there is value in honoring what 365.25 (Ask Eric) days that make up each year in our lives.

I started the day gathering Jessica,  an Aurora Central student and honoring an alum of Aurora Central, Rick Crandall, and participated in the Excel Energy Day of Service.  Together, a team of people were able to make 500 blankets to provide to homeless veterans and children.  People from really every walk of life — sororities, congressmen, and just ordinary people tied to a common cause.  It makes me consider, why do we need an event to share a gift as basic as human kindness? Every day.

Toward the end 43of the event, I got a call that the Class of 1966 was ready for their tour.  Dan Lliteras, perhaps the hardest working man at Aurora Central was on his way, having just finished a reunion planning meeting with another class.  Not to worry, we were ten short minutes away and were happy to start the tour while Dan caught up.  It was an incredible gift from the Class of 1966 to offer Jessica and I a view into what Aurora Central meant, and means to them, a gift for Jessica to share what Aurora Central means to her today, and a gift for me to see both.  Did you know, for example, that Aurora Central only housed sophomores, juniors, and seniors in ’66?  Have you heard about Batman on the water tower?  Did you even know there was a water tower???

Off to the game…  Our Varsity Men’s Football assured me a win for my birthday against the Northglenn Norse.  The came through in amazing fashion including a 2 play drive of 89 yards that resulted in a touch down.  The score..?  23-6, a great way to spend the afternoon.

The rest of the day was fairly low-key — a great movie “Other People” with my husband — if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  A gift of beautiful flowers from Daniel… A camera from Eric to help me in capturing these little moments that matter in my life.

Perhaps, however, the biggest gift in my entire day was the periodic dings via text and status updates from Facebook reminding me of just how many amazing friends I have that fill the real estate of my life.  Maggee — you included me in seeing Pretty Woman maybe our junior or senior year, and that has hung on with me for more than 25 years.  Phyllis, you are and always will be my best friend, despite 30 years, distance, periods of communication and periods of away.  To my amazing friends — my young people at Aurora Central — thank you for allowing me to be a part of what you are busy creating today, I love you all and am always so proud of the adults you are building and becoming.

I could go on. and on. and on.  But with heartfelt thanks because you gave me the best 43… I could ever imagine.

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