Starting Over…

There is just something about a new day, a new week, month, or year that just causes your heart to beat an extra beat, to feel perhaps a bit more hopeful than you were the day before.

Today, I am starting over.  

Last year my OLW (One Little Word) was Consistency.

I blew it. At least from a blogging perspective.  Like all things, the year starts with new hope and expectations. We make resolutions to lose ten pounds, to go to the gym more, to be kinder, to change jobs, change directions.  There is always so much to look forward to.

Then. Possibility Everywhere

We find ourselves three days in, three weeks in, three months in and something has changed.  Our hope and excitement has left and then we get in to the everyday routine of life, missing the excitement we had.

I am forgiving myself.  

There is no beating myself up for things that I have or have not done.  There is no shaming myself, nor anyone else for that matter.


As it turns out, we have endless supplies of possibility. Feel safe in knowing that we get another chance, and then another, and then another yet should we need it.  Feel free to take all of the possibility you need, because there is more!

2019 was good to me. 2019 was great!  I saw possibility and started my new business.  I saw possibility and saw my doctor and started making new strides in losing weight, getting healthier, and I saw real possibility in my ability to help lift women in the pursuit of dreams, intentions, and plans.  2019 was a gift. 

So, this.

January 2020, The Mktg Dept. is three months old.  We are self-sustaining, I am going on my own payroll on the 15th and I’ve even hired a part time assistant to give me ten hours a week of support in growing my business.

Possibility is everywhere.  

On September 10, 2019, if you had asked what’s possible, I don’t know honestly that I would have had a good answer for that.  Today, I do.

Everything is possible. 

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