Believe Anything Is… but

If you believe anything is…  it will be.  Is it impossible?  If you believe it is, it will be.  Is it improbable?  If you believe it is, it will be.  Is it unlikely, if you believe it is… it will be.


What happens when you believe that anything is possible?

This week I had lunch with Darius.  I’ve known him for a few years now. We met while I was mentoring with Colorado Youth at Risk, oh 2012, maybe 2013. He was in the first cohort that I participated in.  What struck me about this young man… his kindness, humility, desire to work, and drive to see possibility.  We stayed connected through his high school career.  As a senior, he reached out to me after being recruited by BHSU (Black Hills State University) to play football.  Darius very much wanted to visit the campus to see if BHSU was a good fit, but lacked the necessary resources to make the trip happen.

We went to work.IMG_3708

Using our connections, we were able to secure his flight on a friend’s airline miles.  Another dear friend put pocket money in his hands. I also had a girlfriend that I graduated with that made Rapid City home, so he had a just in case mom no more than twenty minutes away.

Believing in what is possible, Darius made the trip. He graduated this December with a degree in sports journalism.  Because he dare to dream about what is possible. I’ve loved our lunches when he’s been home on break, keeping up with what he’s up to, and being able to witness the relentless pursuit of possibility.

What is possible? Whatever we decide is possible.  The Mktg Dept is three months old this month… because someone (me) dared to consider possibility. 

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