There Is Going To Be One…

So there is going to be one.  

Of those days.

You know the kind.

The type that drop you to your knees and leave you questioning absolutely EVERYTHING.  Maybe it’s something that happened with your partner, or your child, or a friend… or a coworker.  Maybe it’s something you’re just facing that you’re just facing.  Maybe it’s work… or health.

The truth is, it’s unavoidable.  

We have those moments, days, weeks, I hope they’re not months or years, but… if it is, I hope you find your way in to possibility.

In. Those. Moments.

Baby Sloth

Always look up for possibility…

I recently had one. Like days ago recently.  And in the moment, I went from zero to sixty in less than 2.5 seconds.  I went from being a the top of my game to the very bottom, questioning every single choice. I emailed my coach letting her know that not only was “the honeymoon over” in my new business and I was knee deep in perturbation, but I wondered how I’d ever get through a few really tough hours.

And somehow… I did. 

It wasn’t easy.  Nor was it fun.  But, pain, struggle, and even failure give rise the the opportunity to be better.  The opportunity to be better is possibility, plain and simple.

When next you have that moment, remember when you are back flat on the ground, or feel like you’re just hanging by a thread… all you need to do is open your eyes, look up and find the possibility.




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