I found Possibility in Target…

Oh how I love Target. Target-Logo

Like really LOVE it. 

There is seldom a time when shopping I manage to make it out for less than $300.00.  I am sure there is a brilliant marketing strategy in there somewhere.  But, I digress.

I was at my local Target last week to pick up my contact lenses scope out the clearance rack, buy some bronzer and of course new cosmetic brushes…  They’re A-mazing!  On my way out, I usually consider stopping  at the Starbucks there, I typically don’t, it doesn’t feel “real” to me.  So I’d rather hit the drive through across the street.makeup-brushes

But this day… I did.  

And… I don’t know why, but I also felt the push to buy the coffee for the customer behind me, you know the pay it forward thing? So this little coffee… a tall London Fog to be exact, which is really tea… nearly brought the recipient to tears.  You see, she told me she’s an HR administrator and just spent the day working on severance packages for employees being let go from their job.

What an im-Possibly hard day! Starbucks

I honestly can’t imagine having to do be the person orchestrating severance packages knowing the effect it would have on someone having an otherwise good day.

So what does this have to do with possibility?  

Well, the way I see it… we have a choice, every. single. day.  The choice to realize our actions carry infinite possibility, both good and bad. Sometimes we can use our actions to the benefit of others with the possibility of being a day saver or life changer.  We can choose actions resulting in the possibility of damage, hurt, or heartache. When we get the choice… I hope we choose the possibility of making someone smile.

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