It’s hard to believe today is March 1st. Today we start Women’s History Month.  I really didn’t even know we had such a thing until just yesterday.  So I think about the amazing women in history and ponder how they’ve contributed collectively to HERstory.

For the next 31 days, on 5280 Women, a Facebook page I manage with some amazing women, we’ll be looking at the women who have influenced our story.


Women and possibility.  

Without these women, where would our story be?  They have challenged the status quo, they’ve demonstrated their grit, their grace, their intelligence, and their sheer will power all in the name of possibility for women.  These women gave us the right to vote, they’ve given women of color the ability to sit wherever she wants on public transportation. They’ve given us the possibility to carry our own credit cards.

These women.

Have paved the way for us to go to space, to work for NASA, to run for president.  They’ve given rise to our power in the courtroom, entrepreneurship, the ability to find happiness and success as moms and career women.

These women.

Remember this month to thank a woman for helping you believe in what is possible!

My gift for the amazing women in my tribe, and with the thanks to Devon Bawlit…

The Power of

She was warned, she was given an explanation,
yet she persisted.

She chews each stone twenty times twenty,
and when her own teeth fail,

borrows more. She claws her way up
the sides of the pit,

and when they raise the walls, reaches
for the next handhold,

leaving fingernails and skin. Tell her
she is too much,

tell her to go home, tell her that her efforts
impress no one.

She might sob, but she will laugh with the same

Her laughter might be bitter, but persisting,
it will suffice.

We decide what IS possible.

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