Quick Wins…

I was at a meeting this week, hearing from the candidates for the leadership position at Aurora Central (my alma mater).  Something one of the candidates said has been a little bit tacky (sticky kind) in my craw this week.  Aurora Central is in need of a few quick wins…

Truth. Don’t we all need a few quick wins? Especially in those moments when it seems like the finish line is not only a million miles away, but that every stinking mile is uphill?

In my last blog I mentioned my tenacity for some of my more “sexy” for lack of better word commitments. I also mentioned that I’ve not been so kind to myself in word or deed for the commitments that I’ve made to myself.  This week I thought I’d share some of my quick wins for the week.

I spent last Sunday in maquick winjor food prep mode.  I made enough breakfast food to keep me the whole week. I made my lunches for three of the five days of the week last week, and given my track record of being a habitual luncher outer — that was pretty big. I did a pretty decent job with the self talk too… That — is an area that needs almost constant attention.  The minute you slack, your self talk rears its ugly head and BAM!  I went to dinner with my husband on Wednesday night and didn’t bet myself up over whatever food choice it was I made.

This Sunday… food prep round two.  Do what works and is easy to replicate.  I also just finished my trip to the rec center.  45 minutes of walking/walking fast/slow jog.  Super. Hard. I’ll take it though, and file it under quick win number 32 give or take.  I could have made a different choice — oh say watch Titanic (again) just because it’s on all weekend long.  Or… go get the pedicure that I really wanted to get, or the eyebrow wax, or color.  I made the choice that I probably least wanted to, but am most grateful for.

Time to make dinner — and hammer out the rest of a proposal I need to pitch tomorrow.

~Wish me luck!


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1 Response to Quick Wins…

  1. J.Stunkard says:

    I could use a quick win! 😉

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